Explosion In Schoolgirl Weapons And Violence
by Bruce McDougall
First published in The Daily Telegraph 3 September 2007

A dance teacher claims she was "punched, kicked, spat at and hit repeatedly" by up to seven female students while trying to drive out of a high school car park.

During the nasty altercation at Randwick Girls High School in Sydney's east the teacher Despina Rosales, says she was first punched in the head through her open car window.

Ms Rosales, 35, said the students surrounded her car as she tried to leave the school, hurling abuse and caller her a "loser".

After she was allegedly punched through the window she got out of the car and attempted to restrain one of the girls but another student said: "Let go of her, she'll kill you."

One of the students claimed Ms Rosales had driven over her foot.

Police were called to the school after the incident on June 13 but no charges were laid.

Ms Rosales had medical treatment at Prince of Wales Hospital for a "serious blow to the right side of her head".

A spokesman for the Department of Education and Training said one student had received a "long suspension, pending expulsion" and four other students were suspended for four days and given detentions.

"The school found that while the students had been provoked their reaction meant disciplinary action was necessary," the spokesman said.

Caption: teacher Despina Rosales, who says she was punched, kicked and spat at.

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Explosion In Schoolgirl Weapons And Violence
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