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Yoga Photos

Below are some  Yoga action shots of me.

They're just snaps that my partner, John, took of me at home for this page. They're not professional photos (nor are they supposed to be), but are simply to give you an idea of what Yoga postures look like if you're not familiar with  Yoga.

Note that the photos are not a representation of all the Yoga postures that exist - there are many, many more. While I haven't named the poses here, you can see all of the below poses with a caption naming them on the Yoga Quotations page. Click here to view them.

Also, I'm by no means perfect at executing the poses I demonstrate below. And that's what  Yoga is all about: doing your best at your current level and working towards betterment - not being perfect!

Triangle Pose     One-Legged King Pigeon Pose variationExtended Triangle Pose     Monkey Pose   

Monkey Pose variation     Eka Pada Rajakapotasana variation

Twisting Blossoming Lotus Pose     Upward Bow Pose

Bridge Pose     Bridge Posture variation

Bridge Pose     Cobbler's PoseCamel Pose     Upward Facing Dog

Cobra Posture     Half Cobra Pose

Baby Cobra     Eight Prostrations

Gate Pose     Standing splits   

Extended Foot Pose 2     Extended Foot Pose 1

Twist     Hero Pose

Head To Knee Pose     Bound Head To Knee Pose

Thunderbolt Pose     Crow Pose

Tolasana     Bound Lotus Posture

Bound Rotated Hanging Squat Pose     Standing Forward Bend

Prayer Squat     Bound Rotated Squat

Warrior 1    Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana variation     Awkward Pose

Revolved Extended Angle Pose variation     Lunge variation

Lunge     Half Moon Posture

One Leg Tortoise Staff Pose     Lunge pose variation

Tree Pose     Rotated Awkward Pose variation

Revolved Awkward Pose     Plank

Cow Face Pose     Warrior 3

Warrior 3 variation     Warrior 3 variation

Intense Side Stretch Pose     Warrior 2

Dancing Warrior     Revolved Triangle Pose

Sage Pose     Half Sage Pose variation

Half Sage Posture variation     Bound Triangle Pose

Triangle Posture variation     Extended Angle Pose variation

Extended Angle Posture variation     Warrior 1

Extended Angle Posture    Child's Pose

Extended Child's Pose     Locust Posture

Bow Pose     Lunge variation

Extended Foot Pose 3     Frog Posture

One Foot Downward Dog     Downward Facing Dog Posture





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