Bellydance Class Survey

It’s important to find out something of what your students are thinking and feeling about your classes. You don’t have to do a survey for every single course you run, but an occasional one will help you look at your teaching from your students’ point of view.

In doing surveys, remember that opinions will be scattered - ask ten people their opinion of the exact same thing and you’ll usually get ten different opinions. So it’s not a foolproof plan to gather the information that will make your classes the best in the universe, but what you could end up with is an idea of patterns of thought among your class members and ideas for how to improve your classes.

The following is a survey compiled by a student of mine who happened to be a statistics major at university. You could create a survey based on the ideas you find below or, alternately, feel free to copy the survey below using your name instead of mine. If you do decide to copy the survey, please acknowledge to your students where it comes from by giving them the details of my website.

Despina’s instructions are clear and easy to understand

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

I think Despina is patient

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

If I want to ask Despina a question, I find her to be

  • Very approachable - I can ask her anything

  • Approachable

  • Reasonably approachable

  • Slightly unapproachable

  • Unapproachable - I'm terrified to ask her questions

I think Despina is

  • Too enthusiastic - she looks like she's about to spontaneously combust!

  • Very enthusiastic

  • Quite enthusiastic

  • Sometimes enthusiastic

  • Not very enthusiastic - could liven up a bit

  • Not at all enthusiastic - she looks like she's about to go into a coma

When Despina explains moves, I think she's

  • Too long-winded in her explanations

  • Very thorough

  • Quite thorough

  • Mostly thorough

  • Could be a bit more thorough

  • Not thorough enough at all

I think Despina makes the classes fun

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

I think of Despina as being warm and friendly

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

I think the way Despina takes the class means that the pace is

  • Way too fast

  • A great pace - pushes me just the right amount

  • Well paced

  • Usually well paced

  • A bit slow

  • Way too slow - the class drags a bit

Despina’s criticism is

  • Tactful and constructive

  • Usually tactful and constructive

  • Doesn't give many comments either way

  • Is sometimes untactful

  • Is untactful and unconstructive

I find Despina to be encouraging

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

I think Despina pushes us physically

  • Way too hard - I nearly collapse!

  • Quite hard - I get a good workout

  • Just enough to challenge me a bit

  • A little bit, I'm completely comfortable at this level

  • Not quite enough, I'd like more of a challenge

  • Not at all enough - I want more!

I think when teaching, Despina gives us

  • Heaps of variety - we're always doing something new

  • Quite a lot of variety

  • Some variety

  • Little variety

  • No variety - I'm getting bored

I think when teaching, Despina gives us

  • Too much repetition

  • Quite a lot of repetition - I'm learning well

  • A fair bit of repetition

  • Some repetition

  • Not quite enough repetition - I'd like more time to practice moves

  • Not nearly enough repetition

If I ask a question, Despina is helpful

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

Overall, I think Despina is a good teacher

  • Strongly agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly disagree

How many rounds of beginners classes have you attended?

  • This is my first term

  • 2 terms including this one

  • 3 terms including this one

  • 4 or more

Do you think you're ready to come to the advanced classes on Wednesday nights?

  • Not yet

  • Yes - I'll ask about these classes

Are you interested in performing?

  • Very - I'm going to talk to you about joining the performance troupe

  • Yes - I'd eventually like to join the performance troupe

  • Not really - that's not why I come

  • No - I'm not at all interested in performing

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